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High Pressure and Special Hydraulics
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D-04435 Schkeuditz

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General Offer


Product Offer/Produktangebot

Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier 2500 bar

Small and light Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers are offered for different boost pressure ratios.
Output pressure, max.
(on request also higher pressure)
2500 bar Ausgangsdruck, max.
(auf Anforderung auch höhere Drücke)
Output flow rate, max. 4 l/min  Ausgangsstrom, max. 
Weight  1,5...10 kg Gewicht
The Pressure Intensifier is adapted for the application in hydraulic tools for pressing, cutting and spreading as well as for the realization of production engineering steps, e. g. as gripping, testing, forming or locking and unlocking of interference fits by oil pressure. The Pressure Intensifier can be applied to charge high-pressure lubrication systems, too.

High-Pressure Power Pack 2500 bar

The High-Pressure Power Pack is a portable electro-hydraulic unit with an integrated pressure intensifier (same output pressure and output flow rate). On request these small power packs can be furnished with an oil/air cooler for continuous duty. The power packs are suitable for mobile use because of its low weight (about 40 kg). In case that a suitable low-pressure power pack exists, we are able to deliver a High-Pressure Adapting Unit. This device has no active drive, but the needed control valves.

Mobile Wire Rope Swaging Press 160 t
Press rating  160 tons (1600 kN)  Preßkraft
Piston stroke  26mm  Preßhub
Weight of press/die  33/10kg  Gewicht der Presse/Gesenk
Dimensions of press  290x150x540mm  Pressenabmessungen
Weight of power pack  30kg  Gewicht des Aggregates
Dimensions of power pack  630x300x400mm  Aggregateabmessungen
(Other versions on request/Andere Ausführungen auf Anfrage)

The Wire Rope Swaging Press 160 t consists of two units, the hydraulic power pack and the specific press. Both parts can be dismantled easily and are therefore fit for transport (weight of each part about 30 kg).
The press rating is 160 t. It allows to press oval aluminium alloy ferrules DIN 3093 on wire ropes up to diameter 16 mm and to manufacture special round ferrules at wire ropes up to diameter 24 mm.
Wire ropes with oversize eyes, rings or end fittings can be easily inserted and handled by a lateral displacement of the upper die. Therefore the wire rope swaging press enables to repair wire ropes on site, e. g. on cranes, winches, ships. It is not necessary to dismount the wire rope and to transport it into a workshop. Because of its continuous pressure rise the press is also suitable for stainless-steel terminals up to a wire rope diameter 6 mm. So we are in accordance with those users, who want to press on site as desired in architecture.

The press is driven by a single-phase AC-motor needing only a 230 V power supply AC (normal socket outlet or a mobile power supply). The power pack is furnished with an oil/air cooler. For the use in water reserves the press can be delivered with special fluids.

Mobile Reinforcing Bar Splicing System MPS 32
Press rating  90 tons (900 kN)  Preßkraft
Piston stroke  25 mm  Preßhub
Weight of press 25 kg  Gewicht der Presse
Dimensions of press  220x230x570 mm  Pressenabmessungen
Weight of power pack  48 kg  Gewicht des Aggregates
Dimensions of power pack  720x300x420 mm  Aggregatabmessungen
(Other versions on request/Andere Ausführungen auf Anfrage)

The Mobile Reinforcing Bar Splicing System MPS 32 enables the connection of ribbed reinforcing bars of diameter 16 to 32 mm. The connection is produced in the following way:
A sleeve from tough structural steel is slipped over the end of a reinforcing bar (to the middle of the sleeve). The sleeve is swaged with the hand press in two or several steps. The second bar is put on the free end of the sleeve and pressed also. The connection is stronger than the reinforcing bar itself. That means, if the connection is tested in a tensile testing machine normally the bar is broken but not the connection.
The production of the connection is low cost, for it is not necessary to size the bars and the sleeves are simple designed, too (non-screwed). The connection of bended reinforcing bars is simply possible. There is no need to turn the bars. By the automatic swaging procedure a simple handling and always best quality is guaranteed. The portable device is fit for each boot of a car, simple to operate, needing only a 400 V power supply AC.
This Mobile System is the cost effective solution for site reinforcing bar splicing problems:

High-Pressure Cylinders 2000 bar

High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders allow a substantial smaller and lighter design than standardized cylinders. This involves at machines, which need high forces and short or medium strokes to a considerable save of weight and space requirement. The smaller cylinders enable also smaller tools and fixing appliances in the most cases. Therefore the use of high-pressure hydraulics is an important factor to minimize the costs for designing of systems.

Further data on request.

High-Pressure Flow Rate Measuring Device
Operation pressure  4000 bar  Betriebsdruck, max.
Flow rate, min. 0,005 l/min  Mindeststrom
Flow rate, max.  18 l/min  Maximalstrom
Measuring accuracy  0,3 %  Meßgenauigkeit
Repetitive accuracy 
by the same conditions 
0,05 %  Wiederholgenauigkeit
unter gleichen Bedingungen
Dimensions diameter 250 x 560 mm  Abmessungen
(Other versions on request/Andere Parameter auf Anfrage)

The Flow Rate Measuring Device allows to determine fluid flows in a pressure range up to 4000 bar. This device can be applied in hydraulic systems and generally in process monitoring, e. g. for the check-up of the lubricant supply for high-pressure compressors.